Basic skill set rules for using a knife

From this easy guide, you are going to easily learn about the basic skill set of using a knife. Here rules regarding holding a knife, tips to get a strong grip while using a knife are shared. It is not at all necessarily means that these knife skills are only known by the aspiring chefs. Even you can learn these skills! Here is one of the easiest as well as quickest routes which can give you inspiration and to education of using Damascus knives. So embark on this new skill set:

Rules of Holding a Knife

  • The cutting hand which holds the knife, it is called as a star turn and the other hand is called as a supporting player.
  • It is your helping hand that holds a knife and also nudges, stabilizes it. Your helping hand gives maximum safety and maximum efficiency to you while using this cutting element.

How to get hold of a strong knife grip?

  • It is your hand palm and thumb, your index finger that gives your knife a strong grip. This is the knife grip rule which is used by most of the chefs. Your hand palm chokes up your knife handle. And your index finger and thumb gives a complete grip to the top part of the knife blade.
  • You do not have to wrap your whole hand around your knife handle. This chef knife grip rule has evolved over many years and this is the simple rule which is followed to get a 100% grip on any knife.
  • This is the most efficient rule if you want to use any kind of knife of any weight. No matter how sharp the blade of your knife is and how much strength it requires to hold it, this grip rule has to follow always!

Ideal and Best positions for cutting

  • It is this bear claw which is an ideal one of the best positions for cutting. In this position, you will you will curl under your fingertips and your knuckles should be pressed down on the target ingredient. This position will not roll down or slide down your ingredients.
  • Some of the people find it odd to curl under their fingertips but it is one of the safest positions and techniques. The alternative and safest position is that you can bunch up your fingertips in a together form and rest them on the top part of your ingredients.

Other tips to get a powerful grip while carrying and handling a knife

  • You should not hold your knife handle in a death grip manner. Just relax down your hands and also your wrists. Allow the knife blade to do the cutting on its own. You have to position all of your 10 fingers. In this way, it becomes virtually impossible for a knife blade to cut any of your fingers.
  • Your knife should move in a rocking motion, that is from front to back and also in up and down positions. Your knife should be positioned just below the level of your elbows. In this way, your whole and complete upper body can easily put downward pressure on your knife.

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