Restaurant Debt Collections from Alexander, Miller & Associates

The commercial collection services of Alexander, Miller & Associates for the restaurant supply sector help in setting the disputes between debtors and creditors. Some of the debtors declare insolvency when they are unable to repay eh debts on schedule. This will certainly put the supply companies in a state of dilemma. They are neither able to pursue the debtors in a hard way, nor they can afford to let go of the payments. In such instances the experts from Alexander, Miller & Associates can successfully solve the disputes and settle the payments in favor of the suppliers. They are able to do so without having to go through the lengthy legal procedures of litigations.

Alexander, Miller & Associates – Debtor Communication

  • Debtor Consultation: – The restaurant industry is a dynamic sector where the investors can earn handsome profits when the business goes great. When managed poorly the business can make them go bankrupt also. Many of the successful restaurants suffer losses due to mismanagement and customer dissatisfaction. They are no longer able to manage the business and decide to give up. But they are not able to repay the debts for the supplies they have purchased from their vendors. These supplies might include cooking and baking equipment, machinery, utensils, electrical and electronic appliances etc. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) clauses might prevent the creditors from taking possession of these equipment and machinery against the willingness of the debtor. In such cases Alexander, Miller & Associates provide dedicated consultancy to the debtor company in repaying their debts.
  • Debtor Options: – The debtors might still have the option for resuming their broken business and become able to repay the debts. This requires meticulous planning on their part. The experts from Alexander, Miller & Associates can provide consultancy in this regard, if the suppliers and the debtors are ready to negotiate the reach an amicable settlement. If there are no such possibilities, the agency experts suggest asset payment. This will help in avoiding litigations.

Alexander, Miller & Associates – Creditor Consultations

If the suppliers aim is to collect the outstanding balances and continue their business relations with the debtor company, Alexander, Miller & Associates can offer mutually beneficial solution. Here the supplier lets the debtor continue their business and collects the repayment in scheduled installments. The debtor signs an agreement to repay the debts with interest and overheads. The only constraint for the debtor could be the time frame. They may need extra number of months/years to settle the outstanding balances to which the suppliers might agree. This will help in solving the problem without having to go to the court of law.

Alexander, Miller & Associates – Legal Options

The experts at Alexander, Miller & Associates reserve the legal options for debt recovery, if all the methods of negotiations and consultations fail. In such instances they take care of conforming to the FDCPA during the litigation and trials. They provide sufficient options for the debtors to come for negotiations and settlements even during the trials phase. This sort of friendly approach makes Alexander, Miller & Associates highly popular among the restaurant suppliers.